Apr 8, 2021 | Chamber News

A Message against AAPI Hate

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A Message against AAPI Hate


Echoing the sentiment of our business community we have been extremely disheartened for the recent spike of hateful crimes against our fellow Asian-Americans and we want to extend our commitment to an inclusive and thriving America where race, economic background, religion, or ethnicity do not pre-determine your success or your failures.


The Hispanic-American community looks up to the Asian-American community as a group that has shown that social mobility in America is possible through investing in education, small businesses, and up-skilling our workforce. Here in Maryland, Hispanics-Americans and Asians-Americans destinies are intertwined through the common goal of furthering the advancement of Maryland and our respective communities by constantly investing in the future.


Hateful acts against our fellow Asian-Americans are felt in our communities as hateful acts have the potential for spreading once in place. We stand against hateful acts and ask our members to speak-up against hate wherever hate exists and show our community protects the value of freedom and the pursuit of happiness by protecting each other rights.


Marco Avila, Chair and President, MDHCC
Jose Montes de Oca, Secretary, MDHCC