BAM! Business Advocacy and Mentorship, Helping business owners and executives achieve their goals

Written by Gigi Guzman


THE MISSION OF THE Maryland Hispanic Chamber Of Commerce (MDHCC)

BAM! advocates for MDHCC members in accordance with the chamber’s mission “to promote the establishment, growth, prosperity and retention of Hispanic  businesses, and those entities and persons that support them in the State of Maryland.  ” The Maryland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce represents all of Maryland’s Hispanic/Latino businesses.  Areas Regions have been organized in: Baltimore, Capitol Region, Washington County, etc.


BAM! is designed for business decision-makers to help them identify challenges, find solutions with the help of other business owners and business coach Dinette Rivera. Participants assess these suggestions and implement them with the help of their staff and supporters. Participants are asked to report on their successes.


  • According to the US 2020 Census, Maryland’s population total is about 6,177,224. Out of the total Maryland population, Hispanic/Latinos make up about 10.6% or 617,722 inhabitants. Hispanic/Latino businesses make up about 8% of all businesses or 3,504 Hispanic/Latino businesses.
  • In Maryland, there were more than 25,000 Latino-owned businesses in According to census numbers, that number has now reached over 100,000. Prince George’s County has the second-largest number of Hispanic-owned companies and businesses, behind Montgomery County with the Baltimore Metropolitan area closely behind. For more information, please see US and Maryland Business Facts.


BAM! is a monthly meeting of Hispanic/Latino business owners and executives charged with making critical decisions for the survival and growth of the companies they own and/or represent. Since BAM! is a business coaching program designed to solve any and all aspects of business challenges, we expect participants to participate the entire year so they can identity challenges, find solutions, implement them, and experience the expected growth as a result of their participation in BAM!


BAM! is designed to coach and help business decision-makers arrive at decisions that are right for themselves, their businesses, and their employees. BAM! participants act as the business’ Chief Executive’s Board to provide understanding, coaching, advice, and decision-making expertise. Each BAM! monthly session offers a speaker on the topics.


BAM! is conducted via ZOOM. After BAM! registration, the member will receive a ZOOM link via email. If there are any issues, please contact us via info@mdhcc.or and/or 


Participants meet every third (2nd) Friday of the month from January to December.  


With the thought-provoking leadership of Dinette Rivera, bilingual coach, BAM! provides a virtual roundtable of Chief Operating Officers (CEO) that offer advice to participants on how to approach and resolve business challenges.


Speakers are MDHCC members that possess knowledge and experience on the BAM! topics outlined below. If you would like to be considered as a future speaker, please send us your contact information and are of expertise at and/or


Dinette Rivera, a Business Consultant, Financial Coach and Entrepreneur with over 30 years’ experience in leadership and personal development.  Transform Your Life is my simple, yet powerful message that has helped thousands of people around the world live their dream life.   Ms. Rivera is a University of Delaware (U.D.) Customized Learning Solutions Instructor. She is a U.D. Certified Financial Coach Trainer and Certified Financial Coach. Ms. Rivera has trained hundreds of Financial Coaches for the State of Delaware’s Stand by Me Financial Coaching Program.  Most recently, with support of the University of Delaware Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship, she’s authored a publication on her Opportunity Training work.  Ms. Rivera is fluent in English and Spanish and has a working knowledge of Italian and Portuguese. A freedom seeker, Ms. Rivera spends her free time traveling, hiking, enjoying family, friends and savoring life.



Marco V. Ávila, P.E.


María Pílar Rodríguez

MDHCC Executive Director

Gigi Guzman

BAM! Committee Chair