Apr 2, 2019 | Cafecito Con

Cafecito con Robert Lunsk of United Production Group

What is the focus of the United Production Group?

The United Production Group creates 4-dimensional event productions that offer audiences
inventive special experiences that are well-matched to revolutionize our clients desires.

Why did we decide to join?

In the past, we have produced meetings, conferences, and special events for a limited amount of
Hispanic associations. By joining the Chamber, our goal is to network to increase our worth to
to the Hispanic marketplace.

What are the most important lessons you have learned from being a business owner in current position?

  1. No one cares as much about our business as I do.
  2. Must hustle everyday.
  3. Reputation is everything.
  4. Always be yourself, not a copy.
  5. Take the good with the bad and move on

What is the hardest decision you have had to make in your business?

Making a good decision in a challenging situation.

What business leadership advice can you give to our members?

  1. Your cause should not be gained at the expense of others in your organization.
  2. Listen to issues.
  3. Find ways to understand, instead of being understood.

Any other fun fact about yourself or your business?

I am a published author of a children’s book titled “Kippy Berryfoote, Suppose I Am Myself,” a charming story that skillfully allows children to see through the eyes of Kippy, that life is enriched when we envision the enthusiasm to accept and respect the beauty of our differences.

Who is your favorite Spanish author and why?

Julio Llamazares for his ways in which he depicts Spanish life that was an influence based upon his childhood – something I relate to as I am writing a fictional novel (in my valuable spare time which is a challenge),  about the life of a young white boy whose father and mother deserted him, who is raised by a black family in the poverty-stricken city of Camden, New Jersey.