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  The Daily Record’s Maryland’s Most Admired CEOs awards. 


  Marco V. Ávila, P.E. is a connector. As President and Chairman of the Board of the Maryland   Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (MDHCC), he uses his extensive background to bring people   and communities together. Under Ávila’s leadership, the Maryland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has more than doubled its membership by connecting and partnering with smaller Hispanic chambers and organizations within Maryland. 

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Why Inflation is Such a Big Problem

High inflation is a phenomenon that many people from Latin America are familiar with, however few might remember it or really understand it. Mexico’s 179% inflation rate in 1988, Argentina’s 53% inflation rate in 2019, and Venezuela’s 2,000,000% in 2019 inflation rate...

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Time to Prioritize Safety

The beginning of the year is a time to set new priorities and reflect on how to do things better. This is a great time to re-evaluate safety in the workplace, we are nor talking about just the COVID-19 virus but also very essential safetly measures such as wearing a...

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Congratulations to Margia Arguello

Margia Arguello joins the Carey Business School’s Underrepresented Groups Advisory Board as a co-chair along with some incredibly talented business leadersThe Maryland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce Margia's role as co-chair of the Underrepresented...

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How Does Equality Look Like?

Organizations these days are very focused on Diversity and Inclusion efforts which get our full and unwavering support. In light of such effort we believe is fair to ask ourselves how does equality looks like? From an economic point of view inequality seem to be part...

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We Can All Help Create a More Clean Environment

Climate change is at the forefront of many consumers and businesses nowadays. Having a sustainable strategy is not only for big multi-national businesses, most business around the world is actually done by small businesses ad without their participation, avoiding a...

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Unleash Your Entrepreneurship

2022 might be the year Hispanics unleash their full entrepreneurship potential and for that you need talent and capital. We are sure we have the talent, so let’s talk about capital. Hispanics are very prone to go the traditional route and get bank loan to get a...

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How to Survive Inflation in 2022

Rising input prices have been a concern recently as consumer demand stays at high levels despite multiple pandemic relief programs coming to a halt. It is very early to determine if the worry about inflation is warranted or not. First, forward-looking inflation...

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Very Little Progress on the Labor Shortage

Very Little progress has been made in the labor market shortage. Very big corporations have been able to solve their labor problems by raising the entry level wages at their firms, however this is not an option for many small businesses and non-profits. Job Openings...

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Congratulations to Marco Avila

Congratulations to Marco Avila for being named one of the Most Admired CEOs in Maryland according to The Daily Record.   Marco is a relentless promoter of the Hispanic Business community in Maryland and abroad. His impact in the Maryland Hispanic Chamber of...

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The Military and Hispanics: Marco Avila visits USAMRIID

The military is a big component of the American Dream. The US Military is a part of our society that Hispanics should be more actively engaged with; it provides discipline, honor, a sense of purpose and many benefits such as free education and free health care....

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