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  The Daily Record’s Maryland’s Most Admired CEOs awards. 


  Marco V. Ávila, P.E. is a connector. As President and Chairman of the Board of the Maryland   Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (MDHCC), he uses his extensive background to bring people   and communities together. Under Ávila’s leadership, the Maryland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has more than doubled its membership by connecting and partnering with smaller Hispanic chambers and organizations within Maryland. 

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Overview of Hispanic Wealth

  Being Hispanic has its perks; the close family, friends that we pretend are family, the food, the music, and the drama. But being Hispanic comes with its own set of challenges captured by the Hispanic Wealth Project.   First, Hispanics tend to hold...

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How to Think About Importing and Exporting

During the last 20 years the Maryland economy has been positioning itself to be more integrated with the world economy through the import and export of both goods and services. Maryland, however, lives in an economic environment called the United States of America...

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How to Profit From Investing in the Dominican Republic

On July 16 the Maryland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce met with ProDominicana, the government entity by the Dominican Republic in charge of promote, improve, and assist importers and exporters in the Dominican Republic. Our takeaway was very clear, it is a great time to...

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A National Housing Crisis That Needs A Hispanic Solution

The price of existing and new homes seem to be moving in a perpetual upward direction threatening the stability of many families and the ability of individuals to move to labor markets that better match their skills and further increasing the national labor shortage....

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Infrastructure Spending Should Take Tourism Into Consideration

Repairing and maintaining existing bridges and roads is a priority in the US, however building bridges and roads that incentivize a new type of economic activity should also be prioritized. Infrastructure plays a very important role in tourism as airports, highways,...

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There Is Still Plenty Of Room To Grow

The economy has definitely open back at a faster rate than anyone ever expected despite the multiple distortions that currently exist in the market such as labor shortages, supply chain disruption , and other disruptions. The next question to ask ourselves becomes...

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