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  The Daily Record’s Maryland’s Most Admired CEOs awards. 


  Marco V. Ávila, P.E. is a connector. As President and Chairman of the Board of the Maryland   Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (MDHCC), he uses his extensive background to bring people   and communities together. Under Ávila’s leadership, the Maryland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has more than doubled its membership by connecting and partnering with smaller Hispanic chambers and organizations within Maryland. 

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Credit Terms Expectations Going Forward

It might be tempting to plan to rely on emergency programs such as the PPP and other funds to move forward, however capital availability going forward will most likely resemble past trends and you should be prepared for it. During normal business contractions, banks...

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Restaurants Spending Is Up But Not Back To Normal

The swarm of Cicadas have not deterred patrons and guests from coming back to their favorite venues and restaurants. Mass vaccination, mild weather, and pent up demand have pushed people to spend more on restaurants and bars, according to spending at...

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Accelerated Bad Trends

The economy has experienced accelerated trends in the past six months, housing, used cars, and lumber, and even patio furniture seem to be in a steady but constant price increase.  There is a lot of the media right now about enhanced unemployment hurting businesses,...

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Labor Productivity Going Forward

Labor productivity is in the mind of a lot of our businesses currently. The tightness in the labor market, supply chain disruption, and increase in commodity prices has a lot of business wondering how to make more with less. There is plenty of ways to debate how...

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The Insatiable Appetite for Things

Despite the feeling that ZOOM, NETFLIX, DoorDash,  and remote learning might convey not everything during the pandemic shifted online. We also developed an insatiable hunger for real world things like furniture to the home office, new cars, homes, decks, and even Croc...

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There Is No Alternative But The Future

The future in some ways is now cleared than ever given the fact “There is No Alternative.” Given decades of neglect in infrastructure investment, lack of investment in Research and Development, and rapid catchup of China in the industrial front, Europe in the...

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Where Are All Of The Workers At?

This past month the business community has been surprised by faster-than-average recovery, GDP, reopening, vaccinations, and even price increases. However, one measure has not surprised the business community is labor force participation and eagerness to get back to...

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Employment Opportunities – Fells Point

Restaurants in Baltimore's Fells Point are preparing for great American comeback. Below are some of the open positions: Burger, 811 S. Broadway. All Positions. aMuse Toys, 1623 Thames St., Salesperson. Belt’s Landing...

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Un Mensaje en Contra Actos de Odio

Un Mensaje en Contra Actos de Odio Haciendo caso al sentimiento de rechazo de nuestra comunidad de negocios hacia los actos de odio contra personas de origen asiático, la Cámara expide el mas profundo rechazo contra cualquier acto de discriminación, maltrato, o...

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A Message against AAPI Hate

A Message against AAPI Hate   Echoing the sentiment of our business community we have been extremely disheartened for the recent spike of hateful crimes against our fellow Asian-Americans and we want to extend our commitment to an inclusive and thriving America...

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