May 2, 2021 | Chamber News

There Is No Alternative But The Future

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The future in some ways is now cleared than ever given the fact “There is No Alternative.” Given decades of neglect in infrastructure investment, lack of investment in Research and Development, and rapid catchup of China in the industrial front, Europe in the manufacturing front, and even Australia in the commodity front, the US has no other alternative but to invest heavily in order to stay ahead. The US needs to invest in mass transportation, social services, and technology in order to keep the American Dream going.

Business owners need to prepare for the possibility that an avalanche of public infrastructure projects are coming our way. Here is our recommendation of how to prepare:

  • Evaluate your financial services and accounting services providers: typically we observe business owners seeing financial service providers and accountants as a source of cost and not opportunity, but a good accountant, lawyer, and financial service provider will take the time to educate you about current trends and the needs you might not be aware of.
  • Get familiar with your local municipal contracts and contract providers: get names, ask for information, take your competitor out for a beer, you might be surprise how most people want your business to thrive.
  • Network: opportunities will not knock on your door or call you on ZOOM, network now that reopening is taking place.
  • Explore related industries and companies: the infrastructure investments will mean you will work with people from other industries and regions, get to know them and they might one day connect you to a new opportunity
  • Build an “opportunity fund”: set some money on the side for seeking a new customer, a new contract, or a new market.

Lastly, we would like to remind you that the Maryland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is currently interacting with local bankers, organizations, and policymakers, advocating for all Hispanic Businesses. Consider becoming a sponsor or a member so we can continue advocating for all Hispanic Business owners in Maryland.