Nov 8, 2021 | Chamber News

Unleash Your Entrepreneurship

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2022 might be the year Hispanics unleash their full entrepreneurship potential and for that you need talent and capital. We are sure we have the talent, so let’s talk about capital.

Hispanics are very prone to go the traditional route and get bank loan to get a business, however two things can happen: you get denied and become another statistic or you get a bank loan and the clock starts ticking for repayment. But what if there was an entity or corporation whose sole purpose was to help you out first and make a profit second?

We are here to tell you that such entity exists and In case you missed out TEDCO information forum on November 3, 2021, the Maryland Technology Development Corporation or TEDCO is here to do exactly that. They help entrepreneurs like us and yourself to reach their full potential. They help with technology transfer, getting funding, getting talented people on your side, and more.

Some of the programs include the Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund, The Maryland Innovation Initiative, The SBIR/STTR program,  and the Builder Bund.

We want to highlight that technology does not have to be confined to areas intensive in Science and Mathematics, it can be as simple as how does a cleaner clean better or more efficiently, how can a contractor use less materials or less labor. 


Want to learn more about how TEDCO can help the Hispanic community? Give us a call or shoot us an email at to see how we can help.