Nov 8, 2021 | Chamber News

We Can All Help Create a More Clean Environment

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Climate change is at the forefront of many consumers and businesses nowadays. Having a sustainable strategy is not only for big multi-national businesses, most business around the world is actually done by small businesses ad without their participation, avoiding a climate catastrophe is an illusion.


So what can small businesses do about the climate? Well first they should have a strategy no matter how small it might feel all small businesses having strategy will make a difference, some of the approach that bigger firms have includes:


  • Reducing solid waste by a fix amount each year by either becoming more efficient at producing or reducing packaging and waste
  • Having discounts for clients who reuse or recycle products or having surcharges for items that pollute
  • Highlighting the difference your small business makes in your local community and how you shape your neighborhood
  • Pick a metric that lowers your cost over the long run and improves your sustainability at the same time such as water consumption, power consumption, or even transportation cost
  • Design programs to reward employees for taking public transportation or carpooling by subsidizing or outright covering for the cost of transportation through public transit.