Western Region

The Western Region is one of five regional chapters established under the MDHCC’s bylaws in order to carry out and advance the MDHCC’s strategic objectives and activities within their geographic boundaries.

The Western Region chapter of the Maryland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is geared towards the needs of an economy that has a different composition that the rest of the State, mostly rural, and heavily agricultural, Western Maryland is home of a thriving Hispanic Community that is concentrated in Agricultural Services, Construction, and Tourism.

Its proximity to West Virginia and Pennsylvania also means that Western Maryland is home to firms and employees who labor in the Mining industry and other machinery-heavy industries.


Western Region Leadership Team

Sila Alegret-Bartel
International Corporate Training & Marketing, LLC

Sila Alegret-Bartel is originally from Cuba and is the founder and president of International Corporate Training and Marketing, LLC (ICTM). She holds a Bachelor Degree in General Studies from Vedado Institute, Havana, Cuba.

Prior to founding ICTM in 2002, Sila worked in banking, marketing and non-profit organizations in the Washington DC area.

ICTM provides translation, interpretation and training services in the Western Maryland region and along the I-81 corridor in Pennsylvania and West Virginia.